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Transforming lives One Ringgit at a time

Donate one ringgit per day for MERCY Malaysia humanitarian and medical aid for vulnerable communities locally and internationally. Your small but impactful contribution can create a ripple effect of positive change, providing crucial support to those in need.

However, during a conflict, a ringgit a day is not enough. If RM1 can already change the lite of someone, imagine the impact when you give even more.

Around the world, many struggle against the grip of malnutrition, longing for essential nutritional supplements to sustain them. Yet, they face persistent conflicts, political instability, economic hardships, and limited access to basic resources.

These communities grapple with challenges like restricted access to quality healthcare and proper nutrition, compounded by broader societal issues such as widespread poverty.

We encourage you to give beyond RM1 a day-whether it’s RM50, RM100, RM200, or even RM500. Every donation, no matter the size. counts towards creating positive change. Your generosity will be profoundly impactful, not only to us but also to those who are most in need.

Together, we can empower change and uplift communities in need.

To donate, scan QR Code or direct transfer to:

MERCY Malaysia
CIMB Malaysia
REF: Seringgit Sehari

All cash donations are tax exempt.
For receipt:
For further enquiries: +60 19-236 8210 (Athirah)