Temporary Shelter Project MERCY Malaysia is currently focusing on the provision of humanitarian aid to mainly three villages in Mukim Tualang, Kelantan which are Kampung Tualang and Kampung Bekok. These villages consist of 180 houses in total; the villagers experienced total damage on 21 houses in the villages caused from the floods. The electricity has been restored in these areas and our clean water programs would help assist the community on their lack of water points.

 As of 31st January, there are total of 12 houses in Kampung tualang, of which 10 temporary shelters have been completed and 2 shelter constructions still ongoing. In Kampung Bekok, there are a total of 11 houses, of which 7 temporary shelters that are completed and another 4 still ongoing.
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Temporary Shelters in progress at Kg. Tualang and Kg. Bekok, Kuala Krai.
Handover of 12’x20′ temporary shelter for Abu Bakar Said, Kg Tualang, Kuala Krai, Kelantan.