Organize A Charity Event For The Benefit Of MERCY Malaysia

Giving comes in many forms. You could support MERCY Malaysia by organizing an event of your own, and making MERCY Malaysia the beneficiary, in terms of funds and also awareness.

Giving this way does not have to be complicated. It could be as simple as selling cupcakes at a bazaar or even as complicated as organizing a nationwide campaign of awareness.

By inviting your friends and neighbours to participate and contribute, you can not only raise funds for global humanitarian aid, but you can also help to increase awareness on our work and on our Seringgit Sehari Campaign.

As a home grown not for profit organization, we here at MERCY Malaysia lack the capacity to run multiple events on our own due to our limited resources. We are therefore asking for your support to run and organize these events to aid us in obtaining funding the multiple humanitarian aid projects around the world. We are of course more than happy to share the relevant material and information in order to make your event a success.

If you are interested in organizing a fundraising event for our benefit, please do contact our Fundraising and Events Department, Azizah Mohd Nasir at azizah@mercy.org.my or by giving her a call at 603 2142 2007.